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Monday & Wednesdays Boys: - Red t-shirt, Blue half pant, Black shoes with white socks.
Girls: - Red t-shirt, Blue skirt, Black Velcro shoes & white socks.
Tuesday & Thursdays Boys: - Orange t-shirt, Blue half pant, Black shoes with white socks.
Girls: - Orange t-shirt, Blue skirt, Black Velcro shoes & white socks.
Friday Colorful Dress

(STD 1 TO 8)

Regular Boys: - cream shirt, grey half pant(std 1st to 4th ), Full pant(5th to 12th ), Black Shoes with grey shocks, maroon tie.
Girls: - cream shirt, grey skirt, half legging, Velcro shoes & white socks (std.1 to 4)
Cream shirt, grey skirt, half legging koti. Black shoes & grey socks, maroon tie. (std.5th to 12th )
P.T T-shirt color is according to house distribution (t-shirt and trouser, White socks with four color of stripes & black shoes.
  • 1.  School uniform will be available at AACHARYA SCHOOL UNIFORM (Address; AkshatVasta Complex, Opposite parsilibrary,Near Post Office,Nanpura,Surat. Ph-0261-2460587
  • 2. School uniforms must be washed, ironed and worn daily, with polished shoes and clean socks.P.T Uniform should be worn on activity days.

School fee will be accepted by cash or cheque favouring “LORD KRISHNA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL”; Submit PDC(post-dated cheques) on 1st June or at the time of admission.

  • 01 Students will not use foul or offensive language.
  • 02 Students will not break or damage school property. Any damage to school property should be reported to the class teacher immediately
  • 03 Students will not litter (throw waste) in (or outside) the school premises.
  • 04 Students will not miss classes while in school and will not leave the school campus during school hours without prior permission of the Principal.
  • 05 Bullying, aggression or violence in any form is gross misconduct for which the school will take strict disciplinary action if required.
  • 06 Students are expected to have respect for their peers and be sensitive to differences among themselves due to physical, cultural and economic considerations.
  • 07 Students are expected to be environment friendly.
  • 08 Students who violate the school rules will not be permitted to represent the school in any inter- school sports or other activities irrespective of individual interests or talent.
  • 01 Students are expected to have strict adherence to school timings. Students will not be permitted to enter the school after commencement of school time.
  • 02Students must report to class on time after break or activity periods.
  • 01 Students should be in the proper uniform as prescribed along with school ID- Card. Proper length of skirts and shorts must be adhered to. Black shoes must be as defined in the uniform.
  • 02 Boys should have short groomed haircut.
  • 03 Girls with long hair should have it tied. Only black ribbons must be worn.
  • 04 All students should have clipped nails. Girls are not permitted to wear nail paint.
  • 05 Girls should wear black non designed leggings on compulsory basis for all classes.
  • 06 Students are not permitted to wear expensive or flashy jewellery, watches and carry cash.
  • 01 Students are not permitted to carry mobile phones on the school premises.
  • 01 Students must have a minimum attendance of 80% during the academic year in order to take the school examinations.
  • 02 In case of missing school, a leave application must be presented to the school duly signed by the parents/guardian.
  • 03 In case of absenteeism due to illness, students must present a medical certificate to the school.
  • 04 Long leave may only be taken with the prior permission of the Principal.
  • 05 No Student is permitted to leave school during school hours without a valid permission slip from principal..

Students are permitted to wear festive dress on birthdays and distribute common chocolates/sweets to their classmates and teachers. However, students may not enter or disturb other classes for this purpose. In this context distribution of fancy gifts / sweets & celebration of class parties is not permitted.

  • 01 Parent must attend the scheduled PTM meetings and the Open House Days in the interest of their wards.
  • 02All report cards will be handed over only to the parents/guardians. Under no circumstances will the report card be given to any other unauthorized person.
  • 03Students cannot be called to the school office to attend to phone calls during school hours.
  • 04All the Scholars personal record & medical history in duplicate must be filled by the parents and submitted to the class teacher on the 1st working day itself.
  • 05The pupil’s Diary is to keep you abreast of the day to day progress of your child; his/her assignments and keep in contact with his/her teachers.
  • 06The Diary should be checked every day and assignments completed by the child regularly.
  • 07The class teacher should be informed if there is any change in address or telephone number. The changes should be recorded in the diary as well.
  • 08Parents/Guardians are not permitted to enter classrooms to meet their children or to seek unscheduled interviews with teachers during school hours.
  • 09Use of strong loud language/ offensive defamatory behavior towards school or its staff will lead to discontinuation of student
  • 10Any communication that parents wish to make with the school should be made on A-4 sheet and must be addressed to the Principal. E-mail is the most preferred form of communication lordkrishnainternationalschool@gmail.com.
  • 11Half days and short leaves are not granted to students.

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